FETAC Level 6 Certification

QQI Level 6 (formerly FETAC Level 6) Certification

All of our Train The Trainer courses are QQI Level 6, which was formerly FETAC Level 6.

We have moved with the transition from FETAC to QQI, ensuring our courses remain current and relevant to the skills and qualifications needed today.

QQI Certification FAQs

Who Are QQI?

QQI stands for Quality and Qualifications Ireland.

QQI is a state agency created to combine the former certification bodies of FETAC, HETAC and NQAI. QQI was established by the Quality Assurance and Qualifications (Education & Training) Act 2012.

QQI’s main functions include:

  • Responsibility for maintaining the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)
  • Setting standards for the NFQ
  • Validating training and education programmes
  • Making awards on the NFQ
  • Reviewing and maintaining quality assurance in further education providers in Ireland

What is the NFQ?

The NFQ, or National Framework of Qualifications is a 10 level system which holds commonly recognised values and standards for awards achieved in Ireland.

Gaining an award on the NFQ offers several advantages, such as:

  • A level of skill recognised on a broad scale both nationally and internationally
  • An opportunity to progress and develop your professional skill set
  • A link to similar European award frameworks

What Level 6 Certifications are available?

We offer several Level 6 Certifications, including: